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Making of Karimganj RKM

The Ramakrishna Mission Seva Samiti, Karimganj had its modest beginning through the hands of some local devotees in the year 1917 under aspiration of Srimat Swami Premeshanandaji Maharaj (then Shri Indradayal Bhattacharjee) of Sylhet. In 1929, the Seva Samiti of Karimgani was recognised by the Belur Math as a Sub-Centre of the Sylhet Ramakrishna ashramAfter partition of India, Karimgani was separated from Sylhet district and the Belur Math authority finally affiliated this centre as an independent Branch centre from 18 October 1947.

Activities Of RKM Karimganj


The Ramakrishna Mission is an Indian monastic organization that propagates the teachings of the 19th-century mystic, Sri Ramakrishna, and his disciple, Swami Vivekananda. One of the prominent aspects of worship in the Ramakrishna Mission is the reverence for the Divine Mother, Sri Sri Durga. Sri Sri Durga is considered as a manifestation of the divine feminine energy, or Shakti, that pervades the entire universe. The Ramakrishna Mission celebrates the festival of Navaratri, a nine-day ritual in honor of Sri Sri Durga, with great fervor and devotion. During Navaratri, the mission offers special prayers, bhajans, and discourses, highlighting the virtues and significance of the Divine Mother. The worship of Sri Sri Durga in the Ramakrishna Mission expresses the idea of ultimate reality as a loving motherly force that nurtures and protects all beings, and inspires devotees to transcend the limitations of the ego and merge with the infinite consciousness.

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