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Distress Relief Work on 01-10-2019


Distress Relief Work on 01-10-2019




The Ramakrishna Mission SevaSamiti, Karimganj had its modest beginning through the hands of some local devotees in the year 1917 under inspiration of Srimat Swami PremeshanandajiMaharaj (then ShriIndradayalBhattacharjee) of Sylhet.In 1929, the SevaSamitiof Karimganj was recognised by the Belur Math as a Sub-Centre of the SylhetRamakrishna ashram.

After partition of India, Karimganj was separated from Sylhetdistrict and theBelur Math authority finally affiliatedthis centre as an independent Branch Centre from 1st October 1947. With the affiliation of the centre, Swami GopeshwaranandajiMaharaj was appointed as its first Secretary.  After his tenure, the responsibility was carried out successively by Swami ShivaramanandajiMaharaj (AchintyaMaharaj), Swami SattwanandjiMaharaj, Swami UdgithanandajiMaharaj and then Swami NareshanandajiMaharaj. Presently, Swami Prabhasananda is the Secretary of this centre.


This centre undertook construction of a three storied building on a plot of land close to the ashram.  The building is dedicated in the memory of Swami Vivekananda and named “VIVEKANANDA BHAWAN” which was inaugurated by Swami SuhitanandajiMaharaj, General Secretary of Ramakrishna Order on 20th Feb 2014 in commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.  In the said building, a Charitable Dispensary for providing free health check-up and free medicine; a Coaching Centre for providing free coaching for poor students of class I to IV; a Computer Training Centre and a Centre for Spoken English and Personality Development have been started. All these projects are running successfully.

Almost every year, this centre organises Relief Services like distribution of Blankets, Winter Garments,Dhuties, Sarees etc. amongst the needy people of remote villages.